Sarah and Tim enjoyimg thier first dance at Longbourne farm

Summer Festival Wedding at Longbourn Estate Farm.

Sarah & Tim

Sarah & Tim's Colourful festival wedding

Longbourn Farm.

As I’m sat here at my desk, drinking coffee in my neck high wooly jumper, Sarah & Tim’s wedding at Longbourn Barn in South Gloucestershire brings a huge smile to my face!

Most of us will have experienced and the joys of an English summer festival, whether it’s on a massive scale like Glastobury or something far less low-key like a summer fete. The one thing we can all relate to is laying on our backs with a cider in hand, hanging out with our friends and enjoying the summer.

Sarah’s vision for the day was “colour, colour and more colour.” It was amazing how the bright colours injected waves of contrast alongside the more rustic, traditional barn. With an eclectic mix of vases, vials and mixed-and-matched crystal glasses, it was a feast for your eyes!

As you would expect from a festival wedding, there were smiles and laughter a-plenty – although it certainly helps when the bride and groom are ridiculously cool and mad for each other!

Tim and his best man at his wedding at Longbourn Farm.
Tim holding the groomsmans flowers for this wedding at Longbourn Farm
Sarah having her makeup done at home before her wedding to Tim at Longbourn Farm
Sarah's mum and sister try on earings before the wedding at Longbourn Farm
sarahs wedding dress hanging up
sarahs father writing his speech before his daughters wedding at Longbourn Farm
Sarah fathers trying to put the ribbon on her wedding car for her wedding at Longbourn Farm
Tim in his suit at Longbourn Farm
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