Great photography is an investment. It’s the only thing you’ll have left after the day – aside from your memories and each other of course!

I keep things really simple, I offer one package to all couples and you can add on extra stuff if you want, like a wedding album or a second shooter!

I want this part of your wedding planning to be as stress free as possible so I dedicate a lot time to every couple. With me you’re not just booking a photographer, you’re booking a professional who cares and who you will feel is more like a friend than a supplier and the best part? You’ll get bloody amazing photos of your awesome wedding day!

I only cover 35 weddings per year to keep the highest possible service & quality. Popular dates and weekends in the summer get booked up 12 months in advance so please contact me to check availability.

 All day Coverage.


 This Includes:

Comprehensive Pre-wedding meetings or Skype calls.

Full coverage of the day (usually 10-12hrs)  shot by me (Andrew),  from bridal preparation until after the first dance. I will be there to document all the fun, laughter, tears and crazy dance shapes!

500 unique and artistic high-resolution images that will be a true representation of your amazing day,  all with full printing rights.  We are trying to do our bit for this wonderful planet, so all images are presented to you via a private Online Client Gallery where you can download all photos in full resolution, and share with family and friends. You can also purchase prints directly via the online gallery.

A 1-hour pre-wedding shoot (within 20 miles from Bath. All Pre-wedding shoots will take place between October -Aprill)

A private photographic slideshow of a selection of images set to music.

Blooming awesome wedding guide.

All travel within 75 miles from Bath. ( Over 75 miles would include an additional travel charge)

A new friend who will help guide you through your planning.

Engagement shoot.

£350 ( without wedding package )

£150 ( With Wedding  package )

A 90 min pre-wedding shoot at a location of your choice within a 20 miles radius of the city of Bath.

Second Shooter.

£450 (Full Day) – £250 (Half Day)

Having a second shooter for a half day is a great idea if you want to have both the bride and the groom captured in the morning preparations. I also recommend a second shooter for weddings with 150 guests or more.


Prices start at £500 with parents albums from £120

We get all our albums made by the cool dudes over at Folio albums. Our albums are pretty great and pretty big so you can even use it to whack your new husband over the head when he’s misbeahving!


How far in advance do you book?

You just never know how far in advance a date will be booked. It usually varies between 6 months to a year, but there are exceptions to that. I don’t take commissions more than 18 months in advance. What I can say is that the likelihood that Saturdays during the busy season from May through October are in high demand.

Do you do this full time?

I sure do, I’ve been a full time professional wedding photographer for almost 5 years . I have eaten a lots of wedding cakes and shed many a tear at The dads speeches!

Can you pencil us in for our date while we make a decision?

The short answer is, “Sorry, no.” The longer answer is there’s just one of me and I get a lot of inquiries, so I can’t hold a date for someone while they decide. To reserve your date I need a signed contract and a £350 non-refundable deposit. Your date is locked in once that’s in place. If anyone else inquires about that date I send them a nice message stating that I’m already booked and will likely include some recommendations for other photographers who I know and respect.

What is your turnaround time for wedding Photos?

You will have your online private gallery in 4 weeks if the wedding happens in Winter or Spring time. During season peak (from May to October), turn around time is more between 6 and 8 weeks due to the high volume of work.

Do you ever work with a second photographer?

I’m usually a lone Ninja but in some cases I can and will suggest a second shooter option.

Do you shoot in Jpeg or Raw?

Who says size doesn’t matter? I shoot all of my images in large Raw format. Like a photographic negative, a raw digital image has a wider dynamic range or color gamut than the eventual final image format and it preserves most of the information of the captured image.

Have you shot at my venue before?

If I have, then I’d be happy to share some photos from those events with you. The thing is, though, while I’ve worked at almost all of the larger venues in Somerset I do my best to look at your event with a fresh set of eyes. I do shoot lots of weddings at venues that I’ve never even seen before the wedding day. Here’s where experience comes in. The ability to quickly get the lay of the land and figure out, for instance, where a good place for couples time will be is a skill I’ve developed after years of being a kick arse photographer.

Can I see a full gallery of all of the photos that you delivered to a client?

You certainly may. This is one of the most important things that you can ask a photographer. What you’re looking for here is something beyond the top 20-30 hits of the day that a untrained monkey could take if their lucky. The work of an experienced professional should be at a consistently high level throughout the day. The coverage should be complete and include portraits, moments, photos of the details that you worked hard on, and crazy dancing dancing photos that reflect the energy of your party.

Do you do Family Formal images?

We love your storytelling images, but we also want some family photos. Do you do those, too? Absolutely. I think that those are very important. I do a good, careful job with those pictures while still being quick and efficient. I alway’s recommend that you keep the list at 8 or under so we can crack on the bride and grooms couples time images!

What if I get sick or injured?

“Marry Poppins…. What an awful thought and although after 100 hundred weddings and counting I have never missed one, it is something that my photography friends and I talk about because it’s a concern that we all share. We all want to take good care of our couples, but since we’re human there’s always a chance that something will happen. I’m glad to be a part of a large network of friends and colleagues all of who stand ready to fill in if someone in the group gets sick or injured!

Do you have Insurance?

You bet! My company is insured through Policy Bee both for my gear and liability on location.

Do you have backup equipment?

You bet your life I do, I have a couple of Nikons D810’s on me throughout the day. I’ve also got another spare one in my bag in case something happens to the main cameras.

What Lenses will I use?

I shoot with only prime lenses, ‘Why” well there’s many reasons, they are very light, sharp and great in low light situations and I just love the perspective that a 35mm lens gives you, and big plus is primes have better image quality simple as that!

We want YOU for our wedding day! How can we book you?

This is awesome! Click the button below and fill out the contact form with as many details as you can about your wedding. Then let’s meet in person and have a drink to discuss about all that, because nothing is more important to me than meeting people in real life. Of course, if you live to far away or too far for us to meet in person we can always have a virtual cuppa on Skype.