Katie and Marks portrait in the cornfield at thier wedding in Canterbury.

At Home In Canterbury.

Katie & Mark

Marka nd katie in theior mercedes after the wedding

Katie & Marks Wedding at Katies family home

Canterbury, Kent

From New Zealand to Canterbury for Katie & Mark’s nuptials.

It felt like no time had passed between when I was doing Katie & Mark’s pre wedding shoot in Bath and when I arrived at Katie’s family home in Canterbury for the big day. Some people just make you feel like old friends, you know?

The day started off very cloudy and windy, and all the girls were constantly checking their phones for weather updates to put Katie’s mind at ease. To be honest, though, I don’t think Katie could have cared less. She was back in her family home getting ready with all her family and girls by her side. Fortunately, the weather turned for the better (as it always seems to do once I have done the sun dance) and we even got out into the fields and family vineyard for some couple’s portraits. It was such an awesome day!

Katie familuy home on her wedding day
katies mum with team bride on her t-shirt in canterbury kent
kaites wedding dress hanginh up in her mums bedroom
katies bridesmaids staeming her wedding dress
katies having her hair done at her family home
katies having her make up done at the family home on her wedding day
kates father going through his peech at home
katies putting on her wedding dress
katie and her father arriving at the church
katie and her father walking down the aisle
mark and katies and the confetti
mark and katie driving in their wedding car
katie and marks portraits
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