Carina and Neil look at thier wedding guest at Euridge Manor Wilsthire

Euridge Manor Wedding.

Carina & Neil.

Carina & Neil's Summer wedding.

Euridge Manor, Wiltshire.

A beautiful English country garden wedding at the magical Euridge Manor in Wiltshire.

Euridge Manor has to be one of the very best, if not the best wedding venues in the South West so when I got a call from Carina last year I was so bloody exited as it’s been on my bucket list for a few year now!

Neil is a journalist for the New York Times and Carina is an amazing photographer in her own right so it was very daunting working with such a creative couple. They live in New York City so they and 150 of their family and closest friends travelled to the UK. They could not have wished for a better day or a better setting to host their special day.

I  loved their style and the general atmosphere all day. Everyone seemed so chilled out and enjoying themselves, I lived in NYC for 14 years and there is nothing that resembles Euridge Manor in the city so it must have been so special for both the guests and Carina & Neil.

Guedst at eurifdge manot wiltshire
Carina dancing on the dancflor with her freinds at Euridge Manor in Wiltshire.