Trinity Buoy Warf London.

Becky & Miles

Becky & Miles London Wedding

Trinity Buoy Warf London.

If you’re after classy, stylish London wedding inspiration, well, you’re in for one hell of a treat. As a venue, Trinity Buoy Warf is urban, stylish and somewhat of a blank canvas. I’ve photographed a few weddings here now and my experience is that it tends to attract creatives and couples who are a bit quirky – in short, my perfect clients! It also offers some truly incredible photo opportunities, particularly if you’re the sort of person who gets excited by a bit of grit and industrialised spaces (which I definitely am) and I think absolutely everyone can get behind splashes of color from colorblocked shipping containers.

Becky and Miles set out to create a wedding that was a mixture of British and Nigerian. They wanted a colorful, fun celebration that was a bit classy too. I don’t know what your thoughts are but I think they totally nailed it!

These two were so much fun to work with. They were up for anything and their couple’s portraits are some of my all-time favourites. I loved playing with the light and shadows! One of their portaits even won me a couple of awards – from Ninedots (an industry community of the best wedding photographers in the UK) and LooksLikeFilm (a global collective of the best of the best).

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