The brannan family photoshoot at bristol's lee woods

Hello, I’m Andrew and I’m thrilled you’re here. You’ve likely gathered by now that I’m a wedding photographer, but I am also a husband and father of three (daughters – pray for me). I’m a Mancunian and previously worked in sound design for t.v. and film in NYC and LA before I decided that being a wedding photographer would make me happier – best decision I’ve ever made! These days, if I’m not shooting weddings or chasing after feisty children then I’m probably doing Jiu Jitsu, mountain-biking or attempting to tame the spectacularly overgrown allotment patch that we’ve recently acquired.

Your wedding photographer will be spending quite a lot of time with you on your big day, so it’s important that you choose someone who you’re comfortable with. It’s also important to make sure that you like their approach, and that it matches your expectations. I’ve been photographing weddings for a little over a decade now and I’ve learned so much in that time. Have a read below, as I’ll talk you through how I approach every wedding.  

documentary wedding photography

You can call it documentary, photojounalism or reportage, the approach is really the same. You’re after this type of photography because you want images that speak to the soul of your wedding and that are reflective of the day. Storytelling is at the heart of how I photograph, from how I frame the subject and capture all of the small but not insignificant details, to focusing on emotion and human interaction. It’s absolutely possible to be creative when authentically documenting your wedding and I’m always on the lookout for interesting viewpoints and perspectives. My goal is to give you images that are just a little bit different but still true to who you both are.


Being a documentary wedding photographer doesn’t mean that I won’t ever talk to or engage with you or your guests. I’m a friendly guy and I like to put people at ease, but I also know when to be quiet and blend into my surroundings. I’ve also once been referred to as a ninja (coolest client review ever) and there really is something to be said for being in the right place at the right time. It all comes down to experience, and years of photographing weddings has given me the ability to anticipate when and where things might happen so that I can make sure I’m right there in the middle of the action, getting the shot. I also don’t tend to do pretty for pretty’s sake, I’d much rather put all of the little details into context.

daisy walking down the stairs in her pink wedding shoes
daisy getting her flowers crown put on
Guest having a good time a prior park weddings in Bath
Sarah and her freinds takinga qiuck selfie before diner

creative and modern couple's portraits

If you’re after creative and modern wedding photography then I’m your man. I approach couple’s portraits slightly differently than I do the rest of the day. It’s a small but important part of what I do as a wedding photographer, and I’m often more interactive during this short portion of the day. I know that not everyone is comfortable being in front of the camera and so I’ll work with you to produce some creative and beautiful portraits.      

That half an hour where we get to sneak off and the two of you can focus on each other is pretty magical. I have a few tricks to loosen you up and help you to forget about me and the camera; some of them are ridiculous, some of them are silly, it’s irrelevant because the best shots are the candid ones which come in-between. I might direct you towards the best light or surroundings but the really important stuff is what comes naturally between the two of you.

Tomos and holly sharing a hug on thier weddinf day at the silk mill in frome
Patrick and Danny at Cliveden House. for their same sex wedding
jess and jo at merriscourt barn taken with iPhone blur
Chloe & Lawrence at the Roman Bath in Bath Somerset for thier sunset wedding

Do you like my style and the sound of my approach? Get in touch for more details and to enquire about availability. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and hearing all about the day you have planned!